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8 questions our candidates commonly ask

As Aviliz team members, we are always looking to expand our networks and find more people who are interested in IT and entrepreneurship. We have talks with potential colleagues on a daily basis and we’ve found that there are some questions that are asked often. Here are some of our answers to the most popular questions.

Where is Aviliz located?

We work in the cloud. We work remotely. At Aviliz, we believe that nothing should constraint you from doing your job. You can work from home, your local café or the public library – whatever suits you best. We get together often for personal or professional development meetings, quarterly strategy meetings, or a nice dinner! If you work on a project or an assignment with one of our clients you will mostly be working at their location.

What is the hiring process?

You will have one-on-one talks with several team members (3-4) to get a full picture of Aviliz from different perspectives. When we feel a mutual commitment to each others goals, you may become an Aviliz team member.

What kind of responsibilities would I have in the first period at Aviliz?

As a part of the Aviliz team, you will be responsible to shape and execute the strategy of Aviliz and, together, reach our goals. In addition, you will be responsible for delivering value and results to our clients and their happiness with Aviliz.

What are the assignments like?

Assignments are highly personalized. Depending on your ambitions and the client’s needs, we find a good match between both sides

How long are the assignments?

Generally, assignments are one year in length. This is to give enough time for you to learn from the client’s assignment, gain experience and to provide added value to the client.

Is there a personal development plan in place?

Yes, we do have a personal development plan and a professional development plan. These plans are in place to help you become a successful young professional. With the help of our coach, you will put forth those plans and set your own goals. For more information, click here.

Can I shape my personal development plan, and do I have a say in it?

Of course! We have a personal development plan that you have total control over, with the guidance of a coach. We want you to reach your full potential. On our side, we will do what we must to get you where you want to be.

What is my starting salary?

To start the traineeship, we offer a one-year contract where the starting salary is €2.500,- per month.

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Lujaina Abuerban

Lujaina is an Egyptian who moved to the Netherlands in 2014 to become a software and web engineer. In her spare time, she plays video games, creates 3D models and plays the guitar.

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