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Take a look at these innovative use cases to get a glimpse of what Aviliz can do for you.
Transport & Logistics

Using a combination of Operations Research and Predictive Analytics we can find an optimal scheduling and delivery route for every vehicle in your fleet and make sure your customers get their deliveries on time, every time. In addition, by maximising the payload of each journey we can kill two birds with one stone and reduce both emissions and costs. With Predictive Analytics we are able to look through your historical data and find trends to help us predict to whom, to where, and how much you’ll be delivering tomorrow. On the other hand, Operations Research allows us to find a genuine, real-world solution to today’s delivery schedule and effectively plans it for you.


When the two have been combined, you can rest at ease knowing that your vehicles are exactly where they need to be and that your customers have never been more satisfied.

We all have a deep respect for the truckers and delivery drivers that make our daily lives so easy and convenient. Driving a multi-tonne vehicle over great distances is no small feat and we owe it to them to make sure their journeys are as safe as possible. Facial recognition gives us the ability to detect drowsiness in the driver and can prompt the driver to pull over at the nearest stop. Next to this, thanks to GPS tracking we can determine if your drivers are complying with local regulations and keeping themselves and others out of harm’s way.


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Warehouses are the beating heart of any retail operation and inefficiency is its cardio-vascular disease. Fortunately, With the use of modelling and simulation, we can identify exactly where your bottlenecks are are tackle them at their root. This allows us to find the best route for your pickers and makes sure there is never a congested warehouse floor. We can also take advantage of machine learning to make predictions on what items will need to be restocked so that you never have another backlog also taking the opportunity to relocate predicted hot items closer to the loading bay. With these technologies, let Aviliz help you transform your warehouse into a state-of-the-art smart warehouse.


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While the numerous modes of affordable transportation allow freight companies to diversify, all modes of transportation can be made profitable with competitive, dynamic pricing. In particular, rail freight has seen a lot of decline as road transportation has become more affordable and accessible. But with real-time and predictive analytics it has never been easier to make intelligent dynamic pricing a core part of your business model.


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