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Networking on a computer network event

On the 24th of May, a delegation of the Aviliz team attended the DHPA tech event in Naarden. This was a very nice opportunity to broaden our view on tech, and to expand our network at the same time.

The day started with coffee and meeting other participants. It became immediately clear that there is a lot going on in the world of computer networks and (of course) the major shift towards cloud services.

The program itself started with a talk from Herman Vissia about ICOs and what an advantage and pioneer role we have in the Netherlands when it comes to this new disruptive technology. On the other hand, his bank accounts were frozen due to the idea of illegal money and financing terrorism. So I guess disruption never comes easily…

During the day, there were lots of interesting presentations and also the time and place to meet new inspiring people and companies. For instance, there was a talk by Mischa van Geelen about how he and his red team hacked a big company within two days and how there is a lot to improve as it comes to the awareness about security. There was a talk of Maarten Steinbuch, about the future role of Robots, where the law of Moore has a great impact in the years to come, as development grows exponentially. There was a talk from Arnoud Engelfriet from ICT recht (who is also the legal advisor for Aviliz) about the AVG (GDPR), which got a lot of attention. It was clear that a so-called “verwerkersovereenkomst” is needed in most cases.

A sporty part of the day was throwing computer servers as far as you can. Yassine was brave enough to take on this challenge and defended the Aviliz honor!
Yassine defending Aviliz's honor in the Dutch server throwing championship.

The day ended with a BBQ and more nice talks with interesting and inspiring people! All in all it was a very nice and well-organised day where expanding our network, learning new stuff, and enjoying good food and drinks went hand in hand.

Thanks DHPA. See you next year!

Michel Rijkeboer

Michel is a co-founder of Aviliz. He has lots of project experience within multiple organizations and worked on many different levels. He loves to travel and explore new opportunities. Michel is also a family man and likes spending time with his wife and two young sons.

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