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Reaching the next level

I recently bought the “old” Nintendo game computer. This brings back so many memories of me trying to get to the next level with Mario Bros and getting stuck at the same place over and over again. Many evenings and nights were spent trying to reach the next level and improving my skills. Now I enjoy playing the same game with my son Thimo, and for this moment I am still able to help him. I wonder how long that will last… I often recognize his frustration followed by determination. I enjoy helping and motivating him to continue and not to give up. He is so happy and proud when he finally finishes difficult parts of the game. For me it also feels fantastic to play and learn together and finally complete these difficult levels.

I spent many evenings and nights trying to reach the next level and improving my skills.

Within the Aviliz team, I recognize the same spirit of not giving up to reach that next level and helping each other out. We try lot’s of new things and many times the result is at first disappointing or not what we hoped for. Nevertheless we are learning from these experiences and keep helping and motivating each other to do better next time. It is not always easy when you feel stuck and do not know how to proceed. In my experience, it is exactly then that you can be yourself and get the support and inspiration from the whole Aviliz team to improve and reach your goal together! In the end, a good result feels so much better if you really stretched yourself to the max! Nothing beats that feeling of being proud of your result and yourself, and being ready to face new challenges together!

I am really looking forward to encounter this feeling many more times with a lot of different people!

Michel Rijkeboer

Michel is a co-founder of Aviliz. He has lots of project experience within multiple organizations and worked on many different levels. He loves to travel and explore new opportunities. Michel is also a family man and likes spending time with his wife and two young sons.

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