At Aviliz, we accelerate the growth of professionals and organizations. We believe people become motivated to grow when they add value and meaning to their own lives and that of others. Aviliz empowers people to reach their full potential.


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Our inspiring people

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Bart Hompes

Technology, R&D

Bart is a co-founder of Aviliz and is finishing his PhD in process mining. He's always trying to add data-science technology in the mix and loves traveling.


Stan Pieters

Legal & Finance

Stan is a co-founder and CEO of Aviliz. He shares his mission with Aviliz: Accelerating the Growth of Professionals and Organizations.


Michel Rijkeboer

Business Development

Michel is a co-founder of Aviliz and an experienced professional with a big network and a passion for meeting new people and making great matches.


Lujaina Abuerban

Software Engineer & Intrapreneur

Lujaina is doing a little bit of everything. She's a software engineer in the making that loves to play video games, create 3D models and play the guitar.


David Natarajan

Data Scientist, AI Engineer, Intrapreneur

David is a recent graduate of Data Science. He is excited to start his career in the field and share his love for terrible programming jokes with the world.

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