At Aviliz, we accelerate the growth of professionals and organizations. We believe people become motivated to grow when they add value and meaning to their own lives and that of others. Aviliz empowers people to reach their full potential.


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Get in the driver's seat and shape your own career

Professional development plan

In the first period of your traineeship you work internally within Aviliz in order to get to know the company and find your first assignment (typically in the first month). Together we set goals based on your ambitions regarding work experience and education, and evaluate and redefine these goals every six months. You will also learn to expand your network and meet a lot of interesting new people.

There is constant guidance from colleagues (peers and seniors) to help you in your work for both Aviliz and our clients. The first period of a new assignment is a very intensive one. We set monthly goals in this period to keep the pace. The first assignment typically starts with a one- to two-month trial period and will last one whole year.

Personal development plan

During the traineeship you work with a personal coach and start off with a self-assessment (following the MBTI). There are both individual coach sessions to help you with your personal challenges and team sessions that align the company goals with your personal goals.

You are fully involved in growing the company and become a fundamental part of it. You will experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur in a co-creation with other team members and will share responsibility for the results of the company. This provides a unique experience!

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