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What do you think I study?

This has always been a fun question for me to ask. I have worked in the culinary industry for quite some time and during that time I started studying Mathematics, and, shortly after, switched to Computer Science. Being a female studying in Leiden, a city which sometimes seems to be know only for its Law and Psychology studies, the most answered study would probably be Law or Psychology.

There is no denying that there are few female students in Computer Science and Mathematics, but I am happy to be a part of this small group. When people answer my question they probably base it on stereotypes they have, even if I say that it is an answer they would not think of at first. At Aviliz, we have a better distribution of male/female. A lot of companies strive for it, but Aviliz actually just managed it from the start.

You want to have some knowledge of what goes on inside a person's mind.

This year I did a minor in Psychology because I find it interesting and I think that it fits well together with Computer Science. When it comes to creating AI and robots or maybe even video game characters, you want to have some knowledge of what goes on inside a person’s mind. But in every company, basic knowledge of Psychology can be useful.

Michel Rijkeboer

Michel is a co-founder of Aviliz. He has lots of project experience within multiple organizations and worked on many different levels. He loves to travel and explore new opportunities. Michel is also a family man and likes spending time with his wife and two young sons.

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